Being a CEO in a company is everything but an easy task. However, the people who take this kind of responsibility already have experience in the field and they certainly know what does it take to lead a company. And by leading a company, it’s understood that the CEO will also have to lead the employees and always be there for them.

One simple rule says Those who work make mistakes – so the CEO of any company also makes mistakes. With the huge responsibility, the hectic daily routine and all of the questions the CEO has to answer, it’s only natural to make mistakes. However, the CEO must be aware of the fact that he depends on his or her employees and also the other way around – so the collaboration it’s a necessity.

And it happens many times that the CEOs simply underestimate the power of the employees. The bond between the CEO and the employees it’s stronger than supposed – they have to work together in order to achieve goals and thereby succeed. So, if the CEO does not respect or even worse, underestimates the power of his/ her employees he or she will get the same feedback. And if such thing happens, the collaboration and the work, thereby also the goals will suffer.

Many CEOs think that they can set any demand or request to their employees and that they would have to achieve it somehow. However, that’s not the way that thing work – and the CEO will notice this first, especially if the expectation is unrealistic. If the CEO demands unrealistic requests from the employees the job will never be done and furthermore, the trust and the willingness to work will be destroyed.

It’s vital for the CEOs to keep their expectations realistic and to demand realistic projects from the employees. Also, it is very important – something that the CEOs often forget – to be there for the employees. If the CEO demands the work done, he or she must be there for the employees, if any questions or problems occur.

In order to keep up the good work and thereby be more than excellent and acclaimed CEO, the expectations must be realistic and the support and the respect should always be expressed.

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